"4 Trucos Asombrosos para Convertir tu Café Soluble Descafeinado de Especialidad en una Obra Maestra de Sabor"

"4 Amazing Tricks to Turn Your Specialty Decaffeinated Instant Coffee into a Flavor Masterpiece"

Decaffeinated instant coffee has long been a lifesaver for those who love the taste of coffee but seek to avoid caffeine. However, what if I told you that there is a way to transform this seemingly ordinary coffee into a truly memorable experience for your taste buds? If possible! In this article, I will introduce you to four amazing tricks that will allow you to turn your specialty decaffeinated instant coffee into a true flavor masterpiece. Get ready to discover a new dimension in your morning cup of coffee.

specialty coffee

The first trick lies in choosing decaffeinated instant coffee for specialty coffee. Unlike conventional options, specialty coffees offer a richer flavor, captivating aroma, and fuller body. Think of it like a painting where each cup of coffee is a blank canvas. By opting for a specialty coffee, you're ensuring a superior flavor base, similar to selecting a vibrant color palette for your masterpiece. So, the next time you go shopping for decaffeinated instant coffee, look for specialty coffee options and get ready for an amazing experience.

The second trick is to know how to differentiate between solubles:

soluble specialty coffee

Vacuum dried soluble coffee

Vacuum drying was the first used to make instant coffee, back in its origins. To make soluble coffee according to this method, the first step is to roast the collected coffee beans until they are brownish or black in color. Then an infusion or pre-pouring is carried out with water, which will then be dried using countercurrent hot air at high temperatures of up to 250 °C.

This procedure of applying such hot air causes a good part of the aroma and other properties of the coffee to be lost. While the water evaporates due to the effect of the hot air, the coffee pieces fall to the bottom, and the result of this process is the so-called vacuum-dried soluble coffee or spray dry. Almost all producers and consumers agree that this vacuum drying process is less effective in terms of preserving flavor, texture and aroma than the freeze-drying process, which we will see below.

Soluble coffee by freeze drying

According to the method of obtaining soluble coffee by freeze-drying, after harvesting, the coffee beans are roasted until they acquire a brownish color. The roasted grain goes to the mill and is then deposited in large containers, in which the extraction process is carried out. The ground coffee is moistened with pure water, with the aim of removing soluble elements. The water is then removed by cooling the moistened coffee extract to low temperatures (-5°C). This concentrated coffee extract then goes through a process called cryo-concentration, which consists of removing the ice.

This is followed by the foaming process of the extract, in which the porosity of the product is increased, but the flavor, aroma and texture are preserved. In this way, the release of water during freeze-drying is facilitated. The foamed extract is frozen at -50°C, and this frozen mixture is granulated and classified, resulting in the different types of soluble coffee.

Finally, sublimation is carried out, thanks to which the frozen granules are placed in a kind of oven. There they are subjected to a little heat in a vacuum, so that the water they still contain evaporates. This water comes out in the form of steam and leaves the soluble coffee dehydrated and ready to be packaged.


The third trick is the art of emulsifying soluble decaffeinated coffee.

Yes, you heard right, we are going to emulsify decaffeinated instant coffee, milk and sugar to further elevate the flavor and texture of your cup of coffee. Imagine that you are a magician of mixtures, combining ingredients in a celestial dance. Use a frother to create a smooth, soothing foam with the milk, then add decaffeinated instant coffee and sugar for a symphony of perfectly balanced flavors. This technique will not only transform your coffee, but will also make you feel like a real barista in your own kitchen.


Now is the time for the presentation of soluble decaffeinated coffee.

The fourth trick that baffled your decaffeinated instant coffee into a visual masterpiece. Imagine you're in an art gallery, and your coffee mug is the main exhibit. Decorate the glass or mug with a delicious chocolate sauce, draw elegant patterns or simply allow the sauce to slide down the walls of your container. Then, serve the emulsified mixture and complete the decoration with a shower of cocoa or more chocolate sauce. Visually captivating, this final step will elevate your decaffeinated instant coffee experience to new levels.


The recipe I present to you is an innovative instant coffee creation by Quality Blends.

A brand dedicated to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. With these three amazing tricks, your decaffeinated instant coffee will be broken into a flavor masterpiece. Remember, every cup of coffee is an opportunity to awaken your senses and delight your palate. Allow yourself to enjoy this morning ritual with a touch of creativity and passion. Wake up your taste buds and make every sip count!

In short, by choosing a decaffeinated instant coffee from specialty coffee, emulsifying with the frother and decorating your cup with a chocolate sauce, you are creating a unique and memorable coffee experience. Break the barriers of the ordinary and immerse yourself in a dimension of captivating flavor. Don't let the lack of caffeine deprive you of enjoying a true masterpiece in every cup of decaffeinated instant coffee. It's time to awaken your senses and turn your morning ritual into an exceptionally delicious time!

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