Cafeína: El corazón del café especialidad

Caffeine: The heart of specialty coffee and its fascinating secrets

Caffeine, that alkaloid that awakens our senses and enhances the flavor of our espresso or filter coffee, is much more than a simple stimulant. It is the soul of specialty coffee and hides behind it a world full of curiosities and science.

History and curiosities
Discovered in 1820 by German scientist Friedrich Ferdinand Runge, caffeine has played an interesting role in history and culture. Did you know that its discovery was linked to the curiosity of a poet? Furthermore, Johann Sebastian Bach immortalized it in his "Coffee Cantata", reflecting the opinions and superstitions of German society of his time about this substance.

Caffeine in nature
Beyond being the star ingredient for baristas and restaurateurs, caffeine plays an essential role in nature. It is found in more than 60 plants, and in the coffee tree, it acts as a defense mechanism against pests and weeds. In addition, it positively influences bees, encouraging them to choose coffee flowers for pollination.

bee pollinating coffee plant

Metabolization and effects on the body
When a barista serves us an espresso, caffeine begins its journey in our body. It is absorbed in approximately 45 minutes and can remain in our system for up to 12 hours. This substance not only wakes us up, but also has varied effects on our heart rate and mood. Check out the effects of caffeine on the body

caffeine on health

Theine vs Caffeine
Although a distinction is often made between theine and caffeine, in reality, they are identical molecules. What varies is their concentration in tea and coffee, as well as the plant from which they come.

coffee vs tea

Caffeine is the heart of specialty coffee. It is a molecule that has fascinated scientists, musicians and, of course, all coffee lovers. Every time we enjoy an espresso or filter coffee, we are participating in a tradition and science that dates back centuries.

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