¡Descubre las 5 Olas del Café y encuentra tu lugar en la historia cafetera!

Discover the 5 Waves of Coffee and find your place in coffee history!

Traditional Wave:

In its beginnings, coffee was appreciated for its simplicity and warmth. It was a homemade drink that was prepared with traditional methods such as infusion or filtration. If you love the roots of coffee and like to keep things simple, you may find yourself in this first wave.


Cafeteria Wave:

With the rise of coffee shops, the café became a social gathering place. Here different preparation methods such as espresso and cappuccino were introduced. If your establishment is a meeting point for coffee lovers, you are probably in this second wave.

specialty coffee cafeteria meeting

Specialty Wave:

The third wave of coffee focuses on quality and experience. The aim is to obtain high-quality coffee beans, artisanally roasted and prepared with precision to highlight their unique flavors. If your focus is on excellence and providing an exceptional coffee experience, you're likely on this wave.

specialty coffee artisan roasters

Wave of Knowledge:

In this wave, education and transparency throughout the coffee supply chain are valued. The aim is to understand the origin of grains, sustainable cultivation practices and social impacts. If you strive to share knowledge and promote an ethical coffee industry, you are on this wave.

coffee specialty coffee

Innovation Wave:

The fifth and final wave of coffee is characterized by experimentation and the search for new ways to enjoy this delicious drink. Alternative extraction methods are explored, unexpected flavors are mixed, and creativity in drink creation is valued. If you are a pioneer in coffee innovation, you are likely on this wave.

cold brew specialty coffee

Study each of these waves and find out who you find yourself in! Analyze your methods, your values ​​and how you want to offer coffee to your customers. Welcome to the fascinating world of coffee waves! 🌊☕️

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