El Flat Red: Un cafè ucraïnès amb història i resistència

Flat Red: A Ukrainian coffee with history and resistance

In the diverse and effervescent global cafe scene, baristas strive to innovate and create original recipes. Drinks that not only overwhelm and bring a distinctive air to your business, but also have unique sensory experiences for coffee lovers. Let's talk about a brilliant example: the Flat Red, an exclusive espresso preparation originally from Ukraine, which incorporates grapefruit and grapefruit suc.

The history of Flat Red

To understand the history of Flat Red and its potential to gain prominence in other markets, we will find two key figures in the world of coffee in Ukraine: Vadym Granovsky, owner of Coffee in Action, and Valeriy Siverchuk, owner of the coffee Black Cat & White Cat.discover together the fascinating perspective.

flat red coffee

The mix of coffee and fruit suc

The mixture of coffee and fruit suc is a common practice in various regions of the world, especially in some Asian countries. But Flat Red is not a simple amb suc coffee. Tea a rich and unique history. According to Vadym, he wears anys servint Flat Red in six cafes and at local festivals in Ukraine. But current geopolitical and health challenges have made further expansion difficult.

fruits with coffee

Interest in Flat Red

It will begin to air in 2016, when Vadym will participate in various coffee championships in the Regne Unit i Ukraine. Lexus, the neighboring Japanese automobile company, is going to contact both of them to collaborate in the creation of a premium coffee service for the launch of the new coffee line in Ukraine. As part of the collaboration, Vadym will create a special car to represent each country, but it will be the Lexus NX that will inspire the creation of the Flat Red

lexus and coffee

Beguda that you don't include it

Vadym will try to develop a new type of beguda that does not include anything. Here, the Flat Red is paired with a double espresso with grapefruit and fresh magrana, which is poached and cooked as if cooked. To reflect the intense vermell interior of the Lexus NX, Vadym will initially use Sicilian Sanguine tarongs, but will eventually use his Magrana. The elaboration of the beguda was quite a spectacle for the clients, which is taxed while it is premsaven the fruits to me.

flat red


To make a Flat Red, Vadym combines a double espresso with 110 ml of grapefruit and magrana suc, producing a 160 ml drink. According to them, both the taronja and the magna are premsen to me, guaranteeing the highest quality. The origin of the ingredients is also a crucial factor, since they import tarongs from Azerbaijan, Turkey, India, Israel and Spain.

flat red

The importance of coffee

Regarding coffee, Vadym says that there is a variation between three or four Ethiopian coffees of single origin throughout the years. However, due to seasonal variations, you also use Brazilian, Kenyan, Tanzanian and Rwandan coffee. The elaboration of the Flat Red is totally for me: it prepares a double espresso, it steams 110 ml of barreja de suc de taronja y magrana at 55 °C, it is served in a transparent Duralex glass.

Ukraine and the Flat Red

In Ukraine, Flat Red is an extremely popular drink among consumers. Vadym indicates that, at one point, one of every four beguds demanded at a Coffee in Action was a Flat Red. Furthermore, during festivals or events, they usually sell for 300 Flat Reds a day.

Tourism, a great marketer

The uniqueness of Flat Red has become very popular among tourists to Ukraine. Furthermore, it is a beneficial option for those looking for a Ukrainian or unique gastronomic experience for those who want to avoid dairy products.

flat red

So that you know the history of the Flat Red, I encourage you to try this drink if you ever visit Ukraine. If you were lucky enough to have an espresso machine and a fruit juicer at home, you might want to try preparing your own three meals. However, it is not better to see a professional barista prepare this exquisite dish for you, with all his passion and craftsmanship.

I hope that Flat Red is becoming a global trend

With the hope that Flat Red is becoming a global trend, Vadym and Valeri are looking for ways to introduce it to other markets. This wonderful Ukrainian coffee proves that innovation and creativity can contribute to an extraordinary coffee experience. Look out for future opportunities in the coffee scene, so you can see Flat Red on the menu of your local coffee shop.

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