Té de Café para alta gastronomia

The Hidden Secret of Coffee: Discover Coffee Husk Tea at Quality Blends

shell coffee

The world of coffee is vast and full of mysteries. But at Quality Blends, we're always looking for innovative ways to explore and rediscover this much-loved grain. Today, we want to share with you a hidden gem that has been overlooked for years: the coffee peel.

Sustainability at the Heart of Haute Gastronomy

In the modern era, sustainability and waste reduction are more than just buzzwords; They are a necessity. At Quality Blends, we are proud to be pioneers in the fusion of haute cuisine with sustainable practices. By reusing coffee husks, we are not only taking a step towards a greener future, but we are also opening the doors to a completely new culinary experience.

Artisan Roasters: Reimagining the Coffee Shell

Artisan roasters are true coffee wizards. They have found a way to dry and transform what is normally thrown away into a delicious infusion. This tea, extracted from dried coffee husk, surprises with its notes of roses, citrus and sweetness, offering a flavor that has nothing to do with traditional coffee.

An Invitation to Surprise

We invite you to join us at the Barcelona Gastronomic Forum, where we will present this revolutionary concoction. Come and discover for yourself how something as simple as a coffee peel can be transformed into a drink that delights and surprises with every sip.

coffee plantations

At Quality Blends, we believe in the magic of coffee in all its forms. Whether you are a traditional coffee lover or someone looking for new culinary experiences, we promise that coffee husk tea will offer you an unforgettable experience. Together, we can enjoy the flavors of the world of coffee while working towards a more sustainable future.

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