We are coffee artisans

Our way of roasting is revolutionary , since we do not settle until we achieve the optimal roasting point for each variety, in order to obtain the best specialty coffee. We have exhaustive control of green coffee. The coffees we offer are freshly roasted coffees. 100% artisan and manual roasting. With control of air flow, temperature and frequency. Degassed 48. We make blends tailored to the consumer. Discover your specialty coffee, original or personalized.

+84 point coffee

We are committed to quality, specialty coffee with more than 84 points , single-varietal coffees that are the maximum expression of the farm. We are committed to sustainability, our packaging is ecological , biodegradable and compostable. In addition, we buy coffee of origin, where coffee growers obtain a fair price when selling their farm coffees.

Thanks to these good practices of small roasters like us, we help improve living conditions and the development of coffee-growing areas in countries such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda...

We revolutionize the art of coffee!

With the increase in coffee consumption, something is happening in the world of coffee. On the one hand, coffee is growing in quantity, quality and variety to adapt to new points of sale and consumption habits. It is becoming an increasingly diverse product: hot or cold, with uses ranging from cocktails to haute cuisine. The new coffee culture is becoming a new gourmet experience, with a new generation of consumers willing to discover and try more premium varieties. Join Quality Blends! And start demanding quality coffees in any establishment. Help us to be a Revolutionary who knows how to appreciate the flavor and aroma of good coffee.