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chocolate, frutos secos tostados y manzana



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Sarutaya: An oasis of peace in your cup

Imagine this:

You wake up on a quiet morning, the sun timidly sneaks through the cracks in the blinds, and an intoxicating aroma of chocolate and toasted nuts invades your home. It's the aroma of Sarutaya , a Brazilian coffee that will transport you to the peaceful hills of Piraju with every cup.

A journey through the senses

A sip of Sarutaya envelops you in velvety softness, caressing your palate with notes of milk chocolate and toasted nuts. A touch of fresh apple adds a touch of vibrant acidity that perfectly balances the sweetness, like a ray of sunshine illuminating a cloudy day.

More than a coffee, a story

Behind every Sarutaya mug there is a story of passion and dedication. The Piraju coffee farmers cultivate Catuaí-Mundo Novo coffee with care, using traditional methods and respecting the environment. Each bean is harvested and processed by hand to ensure the highest quality.

The art of preparation

To unleash the full potential of Sarutaya , we recommend preparing it in a V60. This drip method will allow you to appreciate the complexity of its flavors and aromas.

A gift for yourself

Enjoy Sarutaya in the comfort of your home.

Receive it in 1-3 days and begin your sensory journey to the Brazilian hills.

Sarutaya: An oasis of peace in every cup.

Tasting: Mild acidity and a medium and smooth body. Flavor notes of chocolate, toasted nuts and apple.
Species : Arabica
SCA Score : 85
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