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COSTA RICA COFFEE - Central Valley

COSTA RICA COFFEE - Central Valley

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It stands out for its excellent fragrance with notes reminiscent of malt in the caramelization group and within enzymatic notes of ripe fruit, apple, with notes of cider in the mouth; with body and medium acidity.

Tasting: Notes of ripe fruit, apple, with notes of cider in the mouth
Species : Arabica
SCA Score : 88.25
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  • Process

    Natural Anaerobic

  • Estate

    Zurquí Coffee Farm

  • Coffee farmer

    Olga Camacho

  • Variety


  • Altitude

    1500 meters above sea level

  • Acidity


About the Estate

This farm was founded more than 50 years ago by the Camacho Morales family, later passed into the hands of Olga Camacho Mejía who maintains the legacy to this day. There are approximately 5 hectares whose name was given because it is located on the slopes of Cerro Zurquí, one of the best-known mountains in Costa Rica for its richness of flora and fauna. Although the producer is Olga Camacho, currently the farm is managed by
Coopelibertad RL, this methodology is developed to support the producer in technical and administrative assistance and also promotes the conservation of coffee growing in the Central Valley.

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