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From the Heart of Guatemala: The Unforgettable Flavor of Finca La Rosa

It is time to stop for a moment, turn off the rush of everyday life, and immerse ourselves in an experience that is imprinted with the passion, dedication and art of making a specialty coffee. We recommend you close your eyes, open your senses and let yourself be carried away to the mountains of Central America, to the highlands of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Today, we are proud to present you a gem from our selection: Guatemalan specialty coffee grown by Ana Pérez Rafael at Finca la Rosa.

Guatemalan coffee

Ana is an entrepreneur in the world of coffee

Ana is an entrepreneur, one of those tireless working women who have made a difference in her community. His farm, La Rosa, is located 1,650 meters above sea level, a paradisiacal corner where Caturra coffee grows under the Central American sun. This grain, from the Arabica species, stands out for its pleasant aroma of berries, mint and black tea, a sensory profile that tells us about its origin and the meticulous production process.

Guatemalan coffee bags

The journey of this specialty coffee begins in the fields of Finca La Rosa. Ana is a first-generation coffee producer and has forged a close and respectful relationship with the land that feeds her crops. During harvest, only the ripest cherries are picked, in a total of four meticulous passes. Pulped on the same day of collection, they ferment in their mucilage for 36 hours in plastic tubs, a process that culminates in a "double soaking", a very popular method in Kenya that ensures the elimination of any impurities.

The drying of this precious grain is done in the sun in patios for six days. It is a process of great patience and observation, but essential for the coffee to develop its unique flavors and aromas.

But the heart of this story is Ana Pérez, a woman who has known how to face adversity and transform it into an engine of change. Finca La Rosa, whose name in the local indigenous language Popti means 'union of two natural water streams', was established in 2007. Following her husband's emigration to the United States due to the financial situation, Ana took the reins of the coffee cultivation. Years later, he joined a cooperative to strengthen his training and knowledge in the production of quality coffee.

Today, Ana has big plans for the future. She is interested in implementing more technical support for her washing process and exploring other processing methods such as honey and natural. In their own words, "We have adapted to the culture of our community, always putting dedication and effort to obtain good results and generate employment in our area for those who need it." And boy has he achieved it.

Ana Perez coffee farmer from Guatemala

So, when you taste a cup of this exquisite coffee from Guatemala, which you can find on our website , freshly roasted, remember the story behind it, the journey it has taken from Finca La Rosa to your cup. It is more than a coffee, it is the dream and effort of Ana Pérez, a woman who with passion and perseverance has managed to create something truly special.

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