La Inspiradora Historia de Ben y Gold Mountain: Café con Propósito

The Inspiring Story of Ben and Gold Mountain: Coffee with Purpose

From the fertile lands of Nicaragua comes a story of determination, passion and change that is transforming the specialty coffee industry. Passionate about coffee and social justice, Ben shares his inspiring journey from student to coffee innovator.

It all started when Ben traveled to Nicaragua to write his thesis.

During his stay, he lived with local producers in humble plastic and dirt houses, and learned firsthand the challenges of the coffee industry. In the bustling local markets, where coffee was sold alongside pigs, Ben discovered how middlemen dominated the trade, leaving producers without a decent profit.

The situation was discouraging for coffee producers

Farmers could not make a living growing coffee, so many sold their farms. It was then that Ben decided to buy a farm with 12 blocks of coffee and 6.3 blocks of forest, home to sloth bears and toucans. However, he soon faced new challenges. The cooperative he partnered with was plagued by corruption, and the producers were barely surviving.

With a clear vision and a deep sense of responsibility, Ben restarted a group of the best coffee producers in Nicaragua. Their goal: to allow farmers to sell their coffee at a fair price and directly to roasters. It was an arduous road, full of phone calls at all hours of the day and night, but they finally managed to export their first container of microlots without the intervention of large importers.

Today, Gold Mountain , the producer group led by Ben, exports high-quality coffee to the United States and Europe. Each bean is the result of hard work, innovative techniques, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Gold Mountain coffees exceed 86 points, and have won 26 medals in coffee competitions.

The story of Ben and Gold Mountain is a testament to how passion and perseverance can change the world. When you enjoy a cup of our coffee, you feel the love, dedication and effort of many people who work tirelessly to offer you an extraordinary product.

For this reason, and after a visit from Ben to our coffee roaster, we have decided that our Nicaraguan coffees will always be from Gold Mountain , for its history, for the purpose, for supporting producers to receive a living wage, for the quality of its coffee beans and the care of the environment. A whole set of factors that make Gold Mountain coffee an exceptional coffee.

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