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Llimona, avellana, caramelo, herbáceo, praliné, afrutado



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Green Mission: A sensory journey to the mountains of Peru

Awaken your senses and get ready to embark on an extraordinary trip to the mountains of Peru.

Misión Verde is not just a coffee, it is a sensory experience that will captivate you from the first moment. A liquid poem that unfolds on your palate, delighting you with a symphony of flavors and aromas that will transport you to a world of unmatched sensations.


A radiant sun illuminates the slopes of Cajamarca, Peru, where Misión Verde beans ripen under the watchful eye of expert coffee growers. Each cherry is carefully hand-picked, selecting only the best to create a coffee of exceptional quality.

An aroma of freshly baked bread and dried fruits invades your nose , while you carefully prepare the perfect cup. The hot water dances over the grains, releasing their essence and awakening the magic within.

Bring the cup to your lips and let yourself be carried away by a torrent of sensations. The subtle sweetness envelops you like a warm hug, while notes of hazelnut, caramel and praline caress your palate. A fruity touch provides freshness and balance, while a light herbaceous aroma adds complexity to the experience.

Each sip is an ode to nature , a tribute to the passion and dedication of the coffee growers who have made Misión Verde a work of art. It is a coffee that invites you to close your eyes and dream, to connect with your deepest emotions and savor life in every moment.

Are you ready to live this experience?

Order your Misión Verde coffee today and discover a world of new sensations.

Shipping in 1 to 3 business days.

Note: This coffee is best enjoyed alone, so you can fully appreciate the richness of its flavors and aromas. A good book, a relaxing piece of music or simply the silence of your home will be the perfect companions for this unique sensory experience.

Tasting: Limona, hazelnut, caramel, herbaceous, praline, fruity
Species : Arabica
SCA Score : 85
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Eloi Benedicto Puig
Café de calidad

Cafés de gran calidad

Gracias Eloi por tus comentarios, estamos muy satisfechos de que la labor que realizamos dia a día, de sus frutos y sigamos emocionados en realizar unos cafés para personas como tu que saben apreciar el sabor de un café auténtico.