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40 Ethiopian Sidama Capsules

40 Ethiopian Sidama Capsules

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Specialty coffee in capsules compatible with a Nespresso machine. 100% Arabica coffee, Heirlom variety, washed process. With fruity, citrus and bergamot flower notes. The pack contains 40 capsules. Freshly roasted coffee in an artisanal way.
Tasting: Citrus fruit and bergamot flower.
Species : Arabica
SCA Score : 84
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  • Process


  • Estate


  • Coffee farmer

    Small producers.

  • Variety

    Heirlom (G1 quality)

  • Altitude

    1500-2200 meters above sea level

  • Acidity


About the Estate

As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is home to more species of coffee plants than any other place in the world, many of which still grow wild and many have yet to be discovered. All Ethiopian coffee is Arabica and at least 150 varieties are grown commercially. Traditionally, these have simply been labeled "hereditary varietals"; however, this is changing as the Jimma Agricultural Research Center works to identify species. Although there are some farms in Ethiopia, 95% of coffee is grown by smallholders in a wide variety of environments, including “coffee forests,” where coffee grows wild and is harvested by local people. All specialty grade Ethiopian coffee is grown above 4,000 feet and most above 6,000.

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