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Why do 75% of coffee shops fail in their first year? Avoid these 5 common mistakes!

We're going to cover the top five reasons why coffee shops fail in their first year, so you can avoid them at all costs when building your own coffee shop. We want to help you build a profitable small business and a thriving coffee business. How many of you are thinking about opening a coffee shop right now? They think it is easy, simple and relaxed to do it. However, creating a successful coffee shop is about much more than making a good cup of coffee. You need the right business fundamentals and that's why you need to pay attention to the five most common reasons why coffee shops fail in the first year. Let's dive right in.

poor management of your cafe

Poor management of your cafeteria

Coffee shops fail primarily because of poor management, including poor staff and inventory management, and poor relationships with suppliers. Hiring staff should be based on values, as employees who do not align with the business culture can lead to toxic environments and high turnover. Poor inventory management can cause shortages or excesses, impacting profits. Lastly, suppliers should be seen as partners, as a good relationship can result in mutual growth. Poor management of these aspects leads to the failure of many cafeterias in their first year.

lack of differentiation of your cafe

Lack of differentiation

They are selling the same thing as everyone else, which means they are competing on price. When you compete on price, there will always be someone who can do it cheaper. Because? Because there are larger coffee chains with economies of scale that can afford to sell at a cheaper price, and that's something you can't compete with. You need to find your niche. You need to discover what sets you apart from others, what makes you unique and special. Is it your secret recipe? Is it your location? Is your focus on sustainability? What sets you apart? And once you find it, focus on it and let your customers know. You don't have to be the best at everything. Be the best at what makes you different.

inappropriate location of your cafeteria

Inappropriate location of your cafeteria

The third reason coffee shops fail in their first year is because they are in the wrong location. Whether it's in a location with no foot traffic, in an area with no demand for coffee, or simply somewhere inaccessible, location can be a determining factor in a coffee shop's success. It is important to carry out a detailed analysis of the place before signing a rental contract. How many people pass by there daily? Are there other businesses nearby that might attract people to your coffee shop? Is it easy to park? What is the neighborhood like? These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a location.

lack of barista skills

Lack of coffee preparation skills

The fourth biggest mistake coffee shops make is not having coffee making skills. If you are selling coffee, you need to understand coffee. This means you need to know how coffee is grown, how it is roasted, how it is ground, and how it is prepared. You need to know what makes a good or bad cup of coffee and how to offer a consistent coffee experience to your customers. Having a solid knowledge of coffee and how to prepare it will not only allow you to offer a high-quality product, but will also give you credibility with your customers. At this point we can help you, at Quality Blends we provide training for you and your staff, we have a long history in the world of coffee, we have expert roasters and baristas who can train you so that you become excellent baristas. Click on the link so we can help you with your training.

lack of capital

Lack of capital

Finally, the fifth most common reason coffee shops fail is that they run out of money. Most new coffee shops underestimate the amount of capital they will need to stabilize a fleet for the first few years. Not only do you have to have enough money to open the coffee shop, but you also have to have enough money to keep it open while you build your customer base. It may take some time before you can generate enough income to cover your expenses, so it is essential to have money set aside to cover enough operating costs during this time.

Therefore, if you are thinking of opening a coffee shop, make sure you keep these points in mind. Having good management, finding your differentiation, choosing the right location, acquiring coffee-making skills, and making sure you have capital are key to avoiding being part of the 75% of coffee shops that fail.

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